Wooden Church of Groșii Noi

The church dedicated to “The Welcoming of the Lord” in the village of Groșii Noi, Bârzava commune, Arad county, probably dates back to the 18th century, having been brought around 1807 from the village of Dâmbul Bisericii, about 1 km from where it stands today.


From an iconographic point of view there are similarities with the style of the painter Nicolae from Lupșa Mare, but at the same time the lower quality of the pictorial ensemble leads to the conclusion that the author may have been a less skilled craftsman.


Due to the deterioration of the pictorial layer only 13 figures of saints (on the north side of the nave) and a number of 13 metal medallions (on the iconostasis) are still visible.


The building is listed as a historical monument under the code AR-II-m-A-00607.