Wooden church in Lunca Moților

The church dedicated to “The Assumption of the Mother of God”, in the village of Lunca Moților, Baia de Criș commune, Hunedoara county, was built towards the end of the 17th century by the Orthodox believers of the village of Țebea and was consecrated in 1700 by Metropolitan Athanasie Anghel. In 1820, the holy place was sold to the faithful of the village of Lunca Moților.


The church was painted in 1829 by the painter Nicolae from Lupșa Mare.


Due to the deterioration of the pictorial layer, we can still see some scenes from the Old and New Testament (on the pronaos); three medallions with the Holy Spirit, the Praying Mother of God and Jesus Almighty, medallions with holy apostles and prophets, scenes from the Christological cycle (on the nave); Crucifixion of Jesus, Jesus enthroned, holy prophets, holy apostles and evangelists, the 12 great feasts of the year (on the iconostasis); Jesus surrounded by the 4 evangelists (on the west door of the nave); Judgement of Heaven (middle left); Last Judgement (middle right); Archangel Michael framed by two scenes from the Passion Cycle (above the door).


The church is on the list of historical monuments with the code HD-II-m-A-03360.