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The Romanian Peasant Museum’s building is placed in Victoriei Square in Bucharest, next to the Natural Science Museum “Grigore Antipa” and the Geology Museum. The construction of the building, including its design was assigned to architect N. Ghika-Budesti, leading member of the autochthonous school of architecture. According to the museographic view of the ethnographer and director Alexandru Tzigara-Samurcas, he was supposed to raise a “palace of autochthonous art” inspired by typical monastery interiors.

In 1941, after 29 years and many interruptions, the building, in its current shape is ready. Representative for the neo-Romanian style, inspired by traditional architecture, especially the brancovenesc style, the building is remarkable by its composition using mainly floral and zoomorphic decorations. The visible red bricklayer, the big windows under arches, the columns of the logia, the elegant silhouette of the main tower reminding of the bell towers in old monasteries make the building a true palace of art.

In the 60s a new wing of offices and auxiliary rooms is added in total discordance with the style conceived by Ghika-Budesti. A huge mosaic, characteristic for the quasi-proletkult period in Romanian Communism, individualizes the new wing.

Atelier 360

Vă invităm să vizualizați expoziția online de fotografie de obiect din Muzeul Național al Țăranului Român, realizată de masteranzii Centrului de Excelență în Studiul Imaginii (Facultatea de Litere, UB), în cadrul proiectului „Atelier 360”. Program integrat dedicat practicii de specialitate din cadrul curriculelor universitare, în domeniile științe umaniste și arte, precum și științe ale comunicării, „Atelier 360” s-a derulat în perioada septembrie - decembrie 2015 și a fost organizat de agenția Mercury360 Communications, în parteneriat cu Universitatea din București.

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