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The old peasant did not surround himself with too many things, shiny and dead. His objects were few, never only decorative, impersonal or inorganic. His hands were torturing the rough material, ennobling it through suffering. The hemp spun yarn, the wood, and the wheat end in the martyr object. Stories say that any apparently humble house, any domestic object has the power to save you from death. In extraordinary conditions the lance, the hood and the pipe of the young shepherd, the foreigner, whose name the song doesn’t mention, watch the death of the master left to their holy guard. Tragic happenings awaken the energy of peasant objects. Unsuspected power is born from profane appearances. A living museum, conceived against dead things, must confess to these old meanings without words.

Întâlnire cu Emanuel Tânjală


Editura Școala Ardeleană, în parteneriat cu Muzeul Național al Țăranului Român, vă invită joi, 12 decembrie 2019, ora 17.00, la o Întâlnire cu Emanuel Tânjală. Cu acest prilej, se va lansa noua sa carte, „Amintiri despre Țara Pierdută” (Colecția Locurile memoriei).

Prezintă: George Mihăiță.
Moderator: dr. Virgil Ștefan Nițulescu, manager al Muzeului Național al Țăranului Român.

Evenimentul se va desfăşura la Muzeul Național al Țăranului Român, fosta sală Irina Nicolau (Str. Monetăriei nr. 3, București).


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