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Reestablished on February 5th 1990, the Romanian Peasant Museum is the continuator of a long museological tradition. In 1906 the first autonomous museum for peasant art was established. Lucky circumstances brought the art historian Alexandru Tzigara-Samurcaş as its first director. He renamed the institution the Ethnography and National Art Museum and from 1912 on, the National Art Museum. During the 40 years of Tzigara Samurcaş’ leadership the museum was in the avant-garde of European museology.

The so-called “liberation” of 1944 led to the “liberation” of the museum from its own home and its replacement with the Lenin-Stalin Museum.The National Art Museum moved, as a tenant, in Ştirbei Palace on Calea Victoriei, for 25 years and under a new name: the Popular Art Museum of the Romanian Popular/Socialist Republic. During this period, the museographers were forced to “forget” exhibiting some valuable collection pieces, especially the religious ones. However, they succeeded in increasing the heritage of the museum with three times as much objects of peasant art.

In 1978, the Popular Art Museum and the Village Museum are united in one institution. The unification mainly meant that most of collections of the Popular Art museum remained hidden in a long and unhealthy sleep until 1990 when the museum was reestablished and brought back to its home on Kiseleff no.3.

La Mama - Clubul Ţăranului

Vă așteptăm la Clubul Țăranului!

Bucatele sunt preparate de renumita echipă a lanțului de restaurante cu specific românesc La Mama. 

Vă așteptăm zilnic, între orele 11.00 și 23.00. Intrarea se face prin str. Monetăriei, nr. 3.

Informații și rezervări la telefon: 0721 102 101.


Sâmbătă, 15 februarie
ora 20.30, Concert: Tribute to Frank Sinatra

Duminică, 16 februarie
ora 17.00, Teatru : Cenușăreasa

Joi, 20 februarie
ora 20.30, Seară Cubaneză = Seară Explozivă

Vineri,21 februarie
ora 20.30, Hot Leeks: special blues evening

Duminică, 23 februarie
ora 10.00, Teatru : Alice și lumea minunată 

Marți, 25 februarie
ora 20.00, concert: Kind of Blue Valentine


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