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The Romanian Peasant Musuem, National Museum of Arts and Traditions holds the richest collection of peasant objects in Romania. Almost 90.000 pieces of patrimony are as many witnesses helping our contemporaries to understand the peasant world.

The Ceramics Collection holds around 18.000 representative pieces for the almost 200 pottery centers of Romania. Tohether with these, we hold the complete inventory of some pottery workshops from Hunedoara and Valcea, dating from the 19th century.
There are exceptional pieces from Horezu, Oboga, Vama, Pisc, Curtea de Arges, Leheceni, Lapus, Binis, Barsa, Corund, Glogova, Marginea, Radauti, Noul Roman, Drauseni, Fagaras. The oldest piece dates back to 1746.

The Costume Collection holds almost 20.000 pieces of costume from all Romanian provinces starting with the first half of the 19th century. Some of the pieces were donated by personalities such as Queen Maria, Sabina Cantacuzino, Elisa I. Bratianu and collectors like Dimitrie Comsa and Octavian Roguski.

The Collection of Decorative Interior Homespun increased from 5000 pieces in 1991 to almost 10.000 today. Most of The Wool Homespun, over 7.000 of them, are dated back to the beginning of the 19th century.

The Wood, Furniture and Ironware Collection holds almost 8000 pieces. Very important acquisitions are the house and gate made by Antonie Mogos from Ceauru(Oltenia) brought in 1907 by Alexandru Tzigara-Samurcas and exhibited today in the museum

The Religious Collections holds almost 4.000 pieces.

La Mama - Clubul Ţăranului

Vă așteptăm la Clubul Țăranului!

Bucatele sunt preparate de renumita echipă a lanțului de restaurante cu specific românesc La Mama. 

Vă așteptăm zilnic, între orele 11.00 și 23.00. Intrarea se face prin str. Monetăriei, nr. 3.

Informații și rezervări la telefon: 0721 102 101.


Sâmbătă, 15 februarie
ora 20.30, Concert: Tribute to Frank Sinatra

Duminică, 16 februarie
ora 17.00, Teatru : Cenușăreasa

Joi, 20 februarie
ora 20.30, Seară Cubaneză = Seară Explozivă

Vineri,21 februarie
ora 20.30, Hot Leeks: special blues evening

Duminică, 23 februarie
ora 10.00, Teatru : Alice și lumea minunată 

Marți, 25 februarie
ora 20.00, concert: Kind of Blue Valentine


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